A Evaluation of the Republican and Democratic Opinions on the problem of Minimum Wage

In 2009, a laws became successful that set the federal government minimum wage at $7.25 each hour. In recent years, this issue of minimum wage is becoming the guts of heated political debates as both Democrats and Republicans make an effort to gain the support and pursuing of the country. This issue, just like numerous others features multiple viewpoints on why or why not it must be placed into place. Democrats becoming the equality driven people they are, need to see the minimum amount wage be brought up from its current level. They would like to see change and monetary movement, with major federal government involvement. Republicans, however, being from the other area of the political pond, want just the contrary. They need minimum wage to remain where its at, and even lowered if possible. Believing in flexibility over equality, they would like to be released from federal government restraints, with a high set minimum wage. Republicans want a free of charge market stay free.

Democrats have confidence in a Robin Hood type theory. Consider from the rich and present to the poor. They believe the poor deserve a lot more than what they are given because they're not given proper settlement for their work. They believe that is as a result of unavoidable circumstances affecting their lives, university, and work. If somebody is working at the very least wage work it proves to the Democrats that see your face is willing to try and work to create a living, and to them, she or he needs more help get him or her