A RESEARCH STUDY on having less Diversity and the necessity for just one in a Tech Discipline Like Microsoft

  • Introduction
    1. Microsoft has generated a tech empire from the ground upwards right into a successful and trusted brand. Everybody knows what Microsoft is usually and what the business does, During the last couple of years Microsoft has began to become a more various and inclusive firm. Microsoft believes diversity makes its provider and merchandise better. This inclusiveness and striving for a various company has demonstrated never to only be successful for the business, but as well allowed them to extend into the community to continue to market diversity in tech.
    2. They have had the opportunity to expand applications that hook up to the outside communities around them and involved pupils who may feel as if they aren't welcome in a tech discipline. This outreach not merely helps the company grow, however the communities it can help grow aswell. It brings in new thoughts who view factors differently and will potentially look for a new solution to previous problems.
  • Identification of the Problems
    1. Adding diversity to a provider like