An Examination of the Concerns about the Personal privacy of the Computer Universe with the Launching of the Intel Pentium 3

The recent release of the Intel Pentium III offers consumers and businesses worried about the privacy of

the computer world. The controversial concern is an attribute in the Pentium III chip referred to as a Processor Serial

Number or PSN. It identifies individual equipment linked to the web by way of a unique number

embedded in the chip. Regarding to Intel the PSN will be utilized to identify users in electronic commerce and

other net-established applications. The PSN will be utilized as access control for questionable material on the web.

Intel also admits thought that whenever found in conjunction with user brand and password the PSN can be utilised by

web sites to discover useres when conduting e-commerce, or establishing member only chatrooms.

The chip PSN could also be used in colaboration with other individual identifying info to trace email, build

databases of user habits, and keep an eye on utilization of copyrighted materials. The PSN will help curb computer theft

says Intel but others disagree. They contend that the PSN characteristic would allow software manufacturers to pierce the

privacy of our pc users. The arguement isn't using what the chip was designed for but, against what could

be done with it. The software