Does a normal or best familyhousehold can be found in modern day British Culture? Essay

Does a typical or perhaps ideal family/household exist in modern English Society?

It is difficult to specify what a family is because it is a concern on which people hold several views. All their views could be influenced by many motives like their religious beliefs, the culture they are surviving in, media and many other things.

However , according to dictionary a family is, an organization consisting of father and mother and their children living jointly; also a group related by blood or marriages.

Every one of the descendants of any common ancestor including aunts and future uncles, grandparents and cousins.

Nowadays people think differently in regards to a family. There are four typical types of family

1 ) Nuclear- This can be the traditional relatives which is at this point more common in society.

It really is more frequently symbolized in mass media today: Spouse, wife and children living as one product.

2 . Extended- The expanded family consists of several ages living in precisely the same household with several other family members living near by.

3. Reconstituted (step) -- It is a kind of family in which Children are brought up with one particular step mother or father. It is a circumstance where one of the parent has re-married.

4. One- Parent- This relatives type is found when a couple is separated due to the raising number of splitting of marriages. Many Children are brought up with only one with their parent who also decides to live with his or her Children with no marrying once again. It is usually the mother who is found in these kinds of cases.

The thought of a 'typical family' is changed over the last fifty to sixty yr.

The importance of the family has decreased which is due to the changes occurring in society.

People now want to live only rather then managing families. They will prefer being independent. On the other hand there are still some families in Britain who also live in general unit with the ancestors yet mostly abhor living collectively.

Family division is now prevalent. In fact it is unusual that a the wife and hubby will live together permanently.

The main reason that we think for the lowering of a family is independence.

Getting married takes a lot...