Tardinss Article


Lateness means emerging or reacting after the slated time. It is one of the most common problem of many students. And as a single those, Used to do this analysis for me to really know what are the causes, effects, and factors affecting tardiness. I also want to understand the reasons of my guys why fortunately they are experiencing this problem. Among other components of any kind of organization, people are the hardest to manage. Folks pose one of the most problems to administrators around the globe, not excluding school businesses as learning factories in Delta Condition, Nigeria. Various authors have posited actually that it is better to manage the financial and material aspects of any business than to control the human part. They insinuate that " it is simpler to manage even animals than to manage human beings” (Nakpodia, 2006; Peretomode, 1991; Peretomode, 2001; Ubogu, 2004; Emore, 2005; Ukoshi, 2004). Therefore, in the university system, the college head, which is usually the headmaster/headmistress or the principal, can be confronted with several problems posed by staff and/or students. These kinds of problems consist of: sleeping working, negative attitude to duties, lack of motivation to jobs, sexual nuisance, theft, quarrelling, malice, jealousy, envy, absenteeism, lateness, etc . But Lauby (2009) explained clearly that: " As a Human Resource professional, I have addressed plethora of employee problems: sleeping at work, theft, intimate harassment… although I have found over time, there is one particular issue that plagues managers more than all of these other issues combined… attendance and punctuality. That is, people not showing up at all… people not showing up in time”.

It could thus be deduced from the above excerpt that inside the school system, which is the focus of this daily news, both staff's and students'/pupils' lateness to varsity pose the highest problems to school administrators in Delta Condition. What in that case is lateness?


Literally, the term " lateness” implies a predicament where an individual arrives following the proper, planned or typical time (Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary, 5th ed., 1995). Furthermore, Lauby (2009) puts it as a expression used to describe " people not showing up on time”. Breezes et ing. (2010) contributed by saying lateness is definitely synonymous with " tardiness”, which implies being slow to act or perhaps slow to respond, thus not meeting up with appropriate or typical timing. It really is obvious consequently that lateness could be seen as a system of network breakdown (Peretomode, 1991); a scenario of not satisfying up with software. Having as a result known this is of lateness, the causes of lateness should be highlighted.

Causes of lateness

There are numerous reasons for lateness to varsity. Amongst others, the following are the major causes of lateness to school:

(a) Going overdue to bed: This is one of the main causes of lateness to school. Going late to bed could result in waking up later, as could be deduced from your literal which means of the expressing " early to pickup bed early to rise”.

(b) Watching videos and late-night movies: The consumer involved in watching films and home videos may be and so captivated and hypnotized because of it that he/she forgets that he/she must be in school; including sudden understanding, he/she hurries off and likely may not be prompt (Ukoshi, 2004).

(c) The habit of getting out of bed late: Some people find more pleasure in early morning sleep than the overnight sleep. These kind of people constantly wake up later to hurry off to school although most times, circumstance may not really be in their favor thus they are really irresistibly later to school.

(d) Distance/location of school: The further the positioning of the college from the student/pupil or staff, the more distractions, obstacles, good friends to say substantial to, hold-ups to overcome, go-slows, and so forth are there that tend to hinder his/her punctuality to school. For example, consider a scenario where someone working in DELSU Secondary University, Abraka, leaves Eku...